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jrogersJamie Rogers is 13 years old and a 7th grade honor student at a Middle School in Cary, North Carolina. She practices and attends clinics at the Cary Tennis Park. Jamie gives credit for her Age : 13
State : NC
State Rank : 9
Sect'l Rank : 44
Nat'l Rank : 583
accomplishments to the many coaches who have helped to developed her stokes and her overall tennis game thus far. The coaches are David Marquina, Jonathan Fralick, Jake Lester & Femi Urumo.

Jamie’s parents played tennis at the local tennis parks and Jamie was always running around on the playgrounds and riding her bike with the kids at the park.

She would always beg the adults to hit with her before and after their matches. Since she was athletic and had really good hand and eye coordination at an early age, she learned to make contact with the ball rather quickly. It also helped that Jamie was very competitive and did not like to lose. She worked hard as a little kid in getting every ball back. So, she started taking 30 minutes lessons with Femi (family friend) since, her older sister Ashley was taking lessons. Ashley was good, but did not like to practice or play as much as Jamie. It was a major milestone to Jamie when she transitioned from mini tennis to using the whole court. She interpreted that as hitting like the adults and the bigger kids. Jamie was also playing CASL soccer. She played both sports for awhile, until her mom & dad decided that she could not travel with both sports. She decided to totally focus on tennis and that was when her game really improved.

Jamie’s goal is to play tennis in college and to become a lawyer/judge. When Jamie is not playing tennis, she likes going to the movies and to the mall with her friends. She is a member of a Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC., where she is very active in youth activities and is a youth usher.

Jaimie's FavoritesFavorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Vacation: Lion King play in New York City
Favorite Male Singer: Neyo
Favorite Book: Twilight
Favorite Movie: Liar Liar
Favorite Tennis Player: Djokovic & Serena Williams
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite Singer: Keri Hilson
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