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What's New in The Midwest in 2012
USTA College Information Session at the ACC Tournament
Changes in the Tar Heel Qualifier
What's New in The Midwest in 2012   2012 has brought many new changes for junior competitive tournament players. National USTA has made significant changes to the tournament schedule which have reduced opportunities for many. Meanwhile, the Midwest USTA has responded to the requests of players and parents with several notablechanges: • Midwest now "owns" the elevated tournaments (Levels 1-5); this should ensure more consistent standards for tournaments, including:
o No matches starting before 8am
o 12 hours guaranteed between matches from one day to the next
o For 14s, 12s, and10-and-Unders, no matches start/resume after 9pm
o For 16s and 18s, no matches start/resume after 10pm
• Efforts made to better distribute elevated tournaments (Levels 1-5) geographically (53% in Michigan and Ohio, down from 71%)
• All events begin on Saturday
• There are elevated tournaments during all holidays, so less school is missed
• New 2-day 32-draw tournaments added
• Many more doubles added, most with a one-match consolation
• All are Feed-In Consolation
• Boys and Girls 10s compass draws added
• Concurrent events of different levels held on same weekend, allowing players to sign up for both Let us know your thoughts on these changes....join our Facebook community!  
USTA College Information Session at the ACC Tournament High school players, parents, and coaches are invited to attend a College Information Session hosted by the USTA on Saturday April 23rd at the ACC Championships, held at the Cary Tennis Park in Cary NC.
Changes in the Tar Heel Qualifier Changes in the Tar Heel Qualifier We have found information about the 2011 Tar Heel Qualifier changes posted at on since the first of the year but know that some folks are still just finding out. We encourage you to make a regular stop at from time to time as that as forum is used to distribute the most information. But, in case you have not visited the site or have and have questions, please read the following.
What are the Tournament Formats? PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Feed-In Championship (FIC)

This is a "consolation" tournament that "feeds in" losers from the main draw from the first through the quarter-final rounds. In a Feed-In Chamionship the winner of the "consolation" is the 5th place winner of the tournament. In addition the losers of the semi-final main draw round playoff for 3rd and 4th place. Here are some benefits of an FIC tournament.

  • Eliminates the hazard of an imperfect draw.
  • Provides almost double the amount of data for ranking purposes.
  • Provides more match play for each player against a wider variety of opponents.
  • Makes the high cost of traveling worthwhile because of the above reasons.

First Match Losers Consolation

This is a consolation draw in which the losers in the first round and those second round losers who advanced to that round by virtue of a bye, default or walkover are entered into the consolation draw.

First Round Losers Consolation

This is a consolation draw in which only the losers in the first round are entered into the consolation draw.

Modified Feed In Consolation

This is a consolation that may take in first and second round losers into the consolation draw.

Single Elimination

This means that the tournament does not have a consolation or back draw. If your child losses in his/her first match then their tournament is over in that event.


Any person who is a resident of, and domiciled in, the State/Section for at least thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the tournament and who during the current ranking year has not entered a closed tournament in any other USTA District (State) or any Section other than the section they are playing.


Any person without regard to residence or domicile.

Quick Start/ Quick Draw Match Play


2-3 hour round robin events for 8 & under & 10 & under. Players will be listed alphabetically in a Standings List. Short scoring is used. See the Quick Start schedule at


Co-ed 8 & under. Players will receive Level 5 points for Standings and a Year-End Ranking. See Quick Draw tournament schedule on

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