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I am so glad that November is over with. I have had so much to study this month. It was double what I had to do last month. It’s mostly because semester exams are so close. Anyways, I played the Windward Doubles tournament this month. My results were okay. I won the first match, lost the second, won three more matches, and I lost.

My second doubles match was one that I really should have won though. In that match, (me and my partner) we started out being down 1 to 4. Then we started to be more aggressive at the net and started attacking more from the baseline as well. We were able to make it 5-6. In that game, I was on the returning side. My partner and I hit three winners total in that game, or at least I, my partner, and a few other people who were watching thought it. But my opponents made some tight calls there. As a result, we lost that game and the next game, which made it the whole match. I thought it was unfair. But I can’t blame my opponents for doing what they had to. It was my fault for even letting the match be as close as it was. If I had stepped my game up from the beginning, I could have won this match easily. But in the beginning, I was confused. I wasn’t sure what to do because our opponents were moving more at the net and over all I am uncomfortable playing doubles. So, I felt a little intimidated. But, the more I got into the match, I started to feel comfortable, and I started going for my shots more. It worked. I really wish I played like that the whole match though! What I can take from this match is that I need to be able to move better according to the ball at the net. Right now, I don’t know where to stand or move at the net. I will be working on that mainly for my doubles game. I think if I improve on that, my doubles game will be much better.


October was a slow month for me. I didn’t play many tournaments this month. I had lots of school work, and that took up most of my time. But it was good break for me from traveling. I still did lots of practice though. I have started to work on jumping to hit the ball when I serve. My coach says it will help me get more power on my serve. As of right now, my coach says I am going backwards or to the side when I serve, so it’s inconsistent and out of control! I am working on fixing it. I have also improved my backhand. Before, I was making contact with the ball late, so my shots were landing short. So, I have been working a lot on that as well. I have been doing a lot of practice with those two things, I feel more comfortable with my backhand, but not so much with serve. But my coach says, “Nothing comes overnight” Right? He’s right. So I will keep working on that. Next month I have my semester exams in school. As a result, I will be playing few tournaments, and one of them is the Windward doubles tournament. I’ll be preparing for that!


September has been an incredible month for me. I won my first level 3, 16 and under tournament. I played really well in it. I was consistent, aggressive, and my footwork was great. Also, I was finally able to win against a girl whom I have never won against before.  weren’t as good.

Next, I got to consolation finals in a 16s’ bullfrog. This was also a good result for me. I was able to win 8 consecutive matches to get there.  I was also able to take down the number 5 and 9 seed. I was just on roll! These 2 tournaments were a huge confidence booster for me. I was also able to see my improvement. Hopefully, I’ll keep progressing from here.


August went by so quickly! It was a very progressive month for me. I got to play a level 3 tournament this month. I did really well in it. I lost in the quarters, and I won consolation. I feel more comfortable with my game. Most of all, I am feeling confident. Also, I worked a lot on my serves and attacking at the net. In my serves, I worked on my accuracy in placement. For my net game, I worked on judging when I should come to the net and placement when I hit my swinging volleys. I am working on all this in preparation for bullfrogs and level 3 tournaments coming up next month. I am really excited for next month! I have a good feeling that I am going to do well in the upcoming tournaments in September.


July was an incredible month for me!!! First of I had some great tournaments this month. I got to quarters in singles and won consolation in a 16 and under level 2 tournament. Also, I got to semis of doubles in that same tournament. I played a 16’s bullfrog as well, and my results weren’t as good.

But all my matches were very close, and I was happy with the way I played. The few things I need to get better at are holding my own serves when the games are close, swinging volleys, and staying inside the baseline to be more aggressive. Other than that, I felt I did well in the other things. Lastly, my grandparents finally came here to visit me, and I was really excited to see them. Also, it was my mom’s birthday. This whole month has just been really great for me especially in tennis, and hopefully it will be even better next month!!!!!


Hey guys,

Hope you are having a fun summer!!

I am having a good summer too. Although, June was a very crazy month for me! I had some good things happen then some bad. The good news was that I learned my grandparents were coming to visit me in July. Can’t wait to spend time with them!The bad part of this month was that I couldn’t play the Macon qualifiers L. I was really looking forward to it too. I had to pull out last minute because I had a sinus infection and a fever of 103. So, I ended up not playing Southerns that month too. But in a way, I can say it helped. I was able to get some rest and regroup. Also, those few weeks I didn’t play tournaments gave me time to work on my volleys, staying aggressive, placement, and mainly hit serves. I was also able to play some practice matches in my academy, and that gave me a chance to use all the things I worked on. It was a big boost of confidence for me. In the end, it turned out to be a very productive month for me.


Yay!!!! May is finally over. Summer vacation has started and that means no school!!! I have a lot of tournaments coming up. Currently, I am preparing for a closed southern tournament. I am super excited. I am not only looking forward to the tournament, but also summer camp. This is my first summer with CCS academy. So far, we have been doing lots of fitness and worked on many different patterns. Aside from that, I have been doing forehand and backhand drills and serves with my dad. I have also been working on placing my shots better in the court. By the end of this summer, I want to be able to play consistently aggressive in all parts of my game. Finally, I will definitely keep you guys updated on how I do in the upcoming tournaments and moreYay!!!! May is finally over. Summer vacation has started and that means no school!!! I have a lot of tournaments coming up. Currently, I am preparing for a closed southern tournament. I am super excited. I am not only looking forward to the tournament, but also summer camp. This is my first summer with CCS academy. So far, we have been doing lots of fitness and worked on many different patterns. Aside from that, I have been doing forehand and backhand drills and serves with my dad. I have also been working on placing my shots better in the court. By the end of this summer, I want to be able to play consistently aggressive in all parts of my game. Finally, I will definitely keep you guys updated on how I do in the upcoming tournaments and more


So far, April has been a tough month. First, I had a whole week of CRCT testing. I felt I did very well on the test. So, that was a positive for me. I also had to play in a 16s’ Bullfrog that same weekend. It was a very tough tournament for me. My first match, I had to play against a girl that I had lost against in a tiebreaker, in a previous tournament.This time I was able to defeat her, but it was in 3 sets. I lost the first set because I didn’t place the ball very well, so I was on the defense a lot. In the second and third set, I moved the ball and created more angles.  Then I lost my second match. In that match, I had lost the first, and in the second set I was in control. I was playing more consistent and finished points quickly. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep up that intensity the whole time, so I ended up losing. It was a hard loss for me. I actually played pretty good this tournament. I just need to work on keeping the same mind set even when I am leading in the match and playing without getting nervous. If I can conquer my mind that way, I believe I can make great strides in my game!!!



arch is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s because my birthday comes this month  on the 31st. I finally turned 14 years old!!! YAY!!!!

My birthday was awesome. I was actually at a tournament on the weekend of my birthday. I was playing my first 16’s bullfrog tournament. I won my first match that day which was on my birthday. My mom called it an awesome return gift. It was on clay courts, and I played a very physical first match.The next day of the tournament, there was a long rain delay before I could play. Finally, I ended up losing my second match against the ninth seed player. It was actually a very close match. My dad said I could have won it if I had taken more control on my service games and played more aggressive when I returned her serves. Then, I had to play my consolation match later that day. In the consolation match, I won 6-3 in the first set, and I was up 5-4 in the second, and it was 30-30 in my service game, and I lost that game. I was not able to close out the match. In the end, I lost in the match tiebreak. Overall, my opponent played good, but I was in control of the match the whole time. I felt like I gave her the confidence to come back in the match when I couldn’t end it right there. This was a very disappointing loss for me, but it was a good lesson learned.

Well, my next tournament is some time later in April soon after my CRCT. Till then, I will surely work on being put in more situations where I have to close out games, while preparing for my CRCT.



i Readers

Can you believe February is over already??!! I know I can't.

This was a really busy month for me. I had to work on a lot of things in my game because I have back-to-back tournaments coming up in March. So excited!!!!

This month, I worked mostly on my serves and fitness. For the serve, I worked a lot on changing directions. Also, I did fitness drills and mile runs every morning. Later in academy, I worked on consistently moving the ball around with my forehand and backhand while playing points. After that, I worked a little in doubles. In doubles I worked mainly on attacking at the net. I feel like working on all those things in the past month has really helped my game, and I can't wait to try that in my tournament. I am really hoping I do well!!!Remember, I mentioned in my last blog that my parents were planning to take me to Disney. Well, me and my family went there and it was so much fun. We visited two parks in Florida. The first one was obviously Magic Kingdom, and the second park was Hollywood Studios. I had to walk so much and lost like a couple pounds. Later, all of us went to one of the most famous beaches. It's called the Daytona Beach.
It was a really good and relaxing vacation week!

Anyways, I will keep you guys updated.

Until next month, Bye.



ey Guys!

What's up? I am back again and am very eager to share with you all, how exciting January has been for me. Most of January, I spent practicing for my 14 and under Bullfrog tournament. It was on Jan 27 in Knoxville, Tennessee. That was an indoor tournament, and I played some of the best matches I had played since the recovery from my injuries. I won 6 matches in that tournament.

Recently, I have been working on being more aggressive on the court, learning to create more opportunities for me to come to the net. I also have been practicing to use the kick serve more on the key points, and I USED ALL OF THE NEW TECHNIQUES during this tournament! Also I had the longest match in that tournament. The match lasted for three and half hours. I am not surprised though. I am player who usually has long matches. This tournament gave me a big boost of confidence!!

Another thing that made the month exciting was that I joined a new academy. It's called Rip n' Roll. So, now I am able to spend more hours on the court there, and I am finally able to work more on my fitness. Also, my parents are planning to take me and my brother on a vacation to Disney Land!! I am really looking forward to both of those things!!!



i, my name is Aishwarya Kona. I am 13 years old and I am in 8th grade. My family is my parents and my 3 year old baby brother Ahan. We are a really loud and fun family.

My favorite pastime which also happens to be my major part of the day is playing tennis. I love playing tennis especially with my dad and my baby brother. I was first introduced to this sport by my parents at the age of 4 when I was in India.

But I started training formally when I was 7 years old and I really enjoyed it so I started to follow the sport by watching grand slams with my dad and mom on TV. The first player I watched play was Maria Sharapova. I just love the way she plays and her ‘never give up' attitude. I like to say that my main strength is my mental toughness on the court as well. I started competing in tournaments when I was 10. I won the second place in my very first tournament. The feeling was really awesome!!! In one tournament, I won 14 matches straight. That was my breakthrough tournament as well. I enjoy every second I am out on the court. I usually train 5 - 6 hours a day. Since my injury mid last year, I have been training for around 3 - 4 hrs. I travel almost every weekend for tournaments. Because of the level of tennis I wanted to play, I started virtual school in 6th grade with Georgia Cyber Academy, so I could play more. I have put in a lot of effort to keep up with my studies and tests and also to train and travel for tennis. It sure is tiring, but totally worth it!

I get to travel with my friends most of the time, so the long drives are super fun. My long term goal is for me to become a professional tennis player. There are so many other things I love about tennis. One main thing is the competing. Tennis is always a challenge mentally and physically. There's no possible way you can get tired of tennis. It's too addictive!!!!!!!

I also love to write stories. I write stories to indirectly tell my dreams and thoughts. I have even won a young author's competition for that! My other hobbies are: listening to music, watching movies. I like all kinds of movies and songs. I feel I am a little pickier with the songs I listen to. I mostly listen to Kelly Clarkson because she is my favorite singer. These are the list of things I like to do for pass time when I am not with friends or mostly, playing tennis.

One of the other fun things I like to do is go on vacation. Well who doesn't? My ideal vacation would be to stay in a resort in GOA! It's a sunny place in India with lots of beaches. My favorite food to eat when there's weather like that is Bhelpuri. It's a spicy, Indian snack which is irresistible. I like to do arts and crafts as well. In fact, I make greeting cards for my parents and my brother on special occasions. Sometimes I like to make accessories too. My favorite accessories would be bracelets, earrings, and rings. I don't think I could go a day without one of those.

So now you guys know all about me. I love to play tennis, write, listen to songs, and go on vacations. I am very much looking forward to writing blogs for Wilson as well!!!

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