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July 17th, 2009 had over 70 participants in our Fastest Serve Contest! It was a hot and humid day and the carnival ended just before the thunder storms rolled in.   We had participants in every age group.  Even some parents joined in.  The fastest speed of the day was 117MPH, although it was not a usable speed for our contest.  Congratulations to the winners of their age divisions and good luck to all those playing in the tournament.

Fastest Serve Winners

8 & Under Quickstart 12 & Under Beginner 12 & Under Intermediate 14 & Under Beginner
Ani Khachadourian 44 MPH
William Borin 82 MPH
Nikhil Kaul 86 MPH
Alex Sherman 73 MPH
14 & Under Advanced 14 & Under Intermediate 18 Intermediate 18 Advanced
AJ Aziz 85 MPH
Paul Wayand 94 MPH
Nolan Outlaw 105 MPH
Brian Bullock 105 MPH
NC Junior Team Tennis State Championships

NC Junior Team Tennis State Championships

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