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Written by Pamela DeLoatch   

A Different Stroke



he swimming pool's loss became the tennis court's gain.

When Jackson "Jack" Brister moved from Louisiana to Brandon, Mississippi, he checked out the neighborhood pool to see if he could be a part of the swim team, as he had been in his old neighborhood. His new neighborhood didn't have a team, but Jack saw that just past the pool were tennis courts. Jack stopped to watch one day, and before he knew it, he was hooked. Although he just began playing tournaments last summer, he is now in the top 20 in his district for Boys 12 and under.




"I like that it's an individual sport, but I also love playing league tennis and doubles, where it's a team sport," Jack says.

It's clear that Jack loves almost every aspect about the sport.

"I really just love the tennis courts and the kids, teens and adults that I hang out with," he says. "I like the challenge," he adds.

Age : (Rank B12s)
State : MS
Dist. Rank : 8
Sectl Rank : 161
Natl Rank : N/A

His secret for success? "Practice and more practice," he confesses. "I go to the tennis courts almost every day." With his coach, Mark Elliott (Director of Tennis at Castlewoods Country Club) Jack has been working on his serve, which he says has gotten much better.


In addition to the importance of practice, Jack has learned a bit about toughness as well. In his first match of a major tournament this year, Jack hurt his wrist. Fortunately, the injury was not severe enough to prevent him from playing, but it did require him to be extra focused and smart about his shots and strategy.

I like that it's an individual sport but I also love playing league tennis and doubles, where it's a team sportThe result? "I got through it and played some of my best matches to date," Jack says.

Jack hopes that these experiences will help him in his tennis future, since he'd like to earn a college tennis scholarship and then play professionally.

"Last year's trip to the U.S. Open really motivated him to work consistently to improve his game.

"I would love to go back," he says. And maybe one day he will. Only not just to watch, but maybe even to play.


Brister's FavoritesFavorite Food: Sweet Potatoes
Favorite vacation:
Any beach or Mexico
Favorite Singers:
The Eagles
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