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Changes in the Tar Heel Qualifier

We have found information about the 2011 Tar Heel Qualifier changes posted at on since the first of the year but know that some folks are still just finding out. We encourage you to make a regular stop at from time to time as that as forum is used to distribute the most information. But, in case you have not visited the site or have and have questions, please read the following.

The following is the decision and rationale for the changes.

The NCTA Junior Competition Committee has again listened to parents, players and coaches and has made changes to the Tar Heel Qualifier. The changes are as follows:

    A. The top 8 in the NC standings at the end of April will be automatically endorsed to the Southern Closed. They may choose to play the THQ, but in order to be endorsed once they choose to play, they must play in the age group in which they want to be selected.

    B. Draws limited to 32 FIC. 2 out of 3 sets played in the main. Match tiebreak in lieu of a 3rd set played in the consolation

    C. No Doubles

    D. Tournament will last 3 days

What is the rationale?
The number one concern expressed by parents, players and coaches was the myriad of conflicts with the end of school. For many, maybe not all of our school systems, the state of NC now mandates a June 10th dismissal. It used to be much earlier and would sometimes conflict with the first weekend of the THQ but the length of the 128 draw THQ and then the 64 draw of the THQ became much more of an issue with that June 10th date. Graduations have conflicted since the beginning of time, but that would only affect seniors and many of our seniors elected not to play the THQ or elected not to be endorsed. For the remaining small group of seniors, the THQ tournament staff worked with them as best they could.

The next concern expressed was expense, which for many was a two weekend trip to Winston-Salem. Due to the fact that the USTA and Southern tournament worlds have radically changed and added many new events, many NC players spend much more money and time playing throughout the winter, spring and fall than they used to. This has resulted in a lot more play, which is good, but has required players to spend much more than in past days.

The final concern is with the Southern Closed. We want to get the NC endorsement list in with endorsement decisions based on a completed THQ draw instead of a guess as to what points would be earned by players. In past years, NC has been asked to get their endorsement lists in while our players were still competing. This is not fair. The Southern Closed was forced to move up in the calendar due to a national open being placed in the former date. This caused the final endorsement deadline to be on the second Sunday or Monday of our THQ with many back draw matches left to play.

Why do away with doubles?
Well, that is the tough one. It just comes down to math. The committee felt that Level 1 should have a FIC. With that, there is just no way to get all the singles main, singles consolation and a doubles draw in and get it done in 3 days. NC Tennis would love to bring doubles back. Let's see how it goes!

Please visit to learn more.

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