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What's New in The Midwest in 2012
USTA College Information Session at the ACC Tournament
Changes in the Tar Heel Qualifier
What's New in The Midwest in 2012   2012 has brought many new changes for junior competitive tournament players. National USTA has made significant changes to the tournament schedule which have reduced opportunities for many. Meanwhile, the Midwest USTA has responded to the requests of players and parents with several notablechanges: • Midwest now "owns" the elevated tournaments (Levels 1-5); this should ensure more consistent standards for tournaments, including:
o No matches starting before 8am
o 12 hours guaranteed between matches from one day to the next
o For 14s, 12s, and10-and-Unders, no matches start/resume after 9pm
o For 16s and 18s, no matches start/resume after 10pm
• Efforts made to better distribute elevated tournaments (Levels 1-5) geographically (53% in Michigan and Ohio, down from 71%)
• All events begin on Saturday
• There are elevated tournaments during all holidays, so less school is missed
• New 2-day 32-draw tournaments added
• Many more doubles added, most with a one-match consolation
• All are Feed-In Consolation
• Boys and Girls 10s compass draws added
• Concurrent events of different levels held on same weekend, allowing players to sign up for both Let us know your thoughts on these changes....join our Facebook community!  
USTA College Information Session at the ACC Tournament High school players, parents, and coaches are invited to attend a College Information Session hosted by the USTA on Saturday April 23rd at the ACC Championships, held at the Cary Tennis Park in Cary NC.
Changes in the Tar Heel Qualifier Changes in the Tar Heel Qualifier We have found information about the 2011 Tar Heel Qualifier changes posted at on since the first of the year but know that some folks are still just finding out. We encourage you to make a regular stop at from time to time as that as forum is used to distribute the most information. But, in case you have not visited the site or have and have questions, please read the following.
10 Questions in Learning How to Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk PDF  | Print |  E-mail

MyTennisNetwork DeterminationBeing a tennis player does not imply merely wearing the attire, having a great big bag over your shoulder and being in a drill group. There are many more important points to consider if you want to be a winner, not only in tennis, but in life. Good coaches will impress the importance of the following qualities absolutely necessary for every good athlete, no matter the sport.

1Are you coachable?
Can you take coaching? Can you take criticism without ever looking for an alibi? Are you a “know it all?” Will you always do your best to try to improve?

2Are you possessed with the spirit of competition which fires an intense desire to win?
Do you want to win with a passion - - never taking ‘no’ for an answer when there is a job to be done - - a ball to be run down - - an extra basket of serves to be hit?

3Are you willing to practice…?
- - not just show up and put in the necessary time, but to work every day with the same zeal, speed and determination you use during a tournament match? Do you have two speeds - - a practice speed and a tournament speed? Great athletes of the past were the ones who had one speed, and it was the same every day, every practice, every tournament. If you loaf and cheat in practice, you will loaf and cheat in matches.

4Are you willing to make sacrifices?
Conditioning to play is not fun. It is not easy. It is stark punishment. Training is exacting; the responsibility is heavy. Preparation is rough and includes personal denials in order to remain in tip-top condition, but it has its rewards. You thrill with an inner glow that reflects a feeling of happiness when you run down that drop shot and make your opponent play that “one more ball”. The only way for you to remain in good shape is never to get out of it.

5Do you have an ardent desire to improve?
Are you willing to practice the things you cannot do three times longer than the things you can do? Are you willing to put in long, grinding hours, concentrating on a skill until you perfect it? Are you eager to work so diligently at the skills you lack that they eventually become your strongest assets? Too many players work only on the things they do well, which leaves their weaknesses open to exploitation.

6Will you strive daily to improve your muscular coordination and speed?
Tennis is a game of movement, and daily drills will speed up your reaction time. Speed and coordination are necessary ingredients in a winning combination. Only through hard work can improvement be realized. Those who lack these two physical skills can still find a place in tennis by improving their technique and tactics.

7Do you have the ability to think under fire?
Can you concentrate on the work to be accomplished at the moment? Can you shut out from your mind a previous failure, success, bad line call or personal insult in order to give undivided attention to necessary tactics and strategies in the here and now? Matches are not won by yesterday’s score, but by what is happening now, at this moment. Good athletes play every point to the hilt - - never depending on past successes to aid them.

8Are you willing to be impersonal toward your opponents?
Do you shut out all personal feelings about your opponent except to punish him/her, as often and as effectively as you can, in accordance with the rules? Experience has taught us the moment a player becomes personal, he/she plays only to release individual grievances or without the necessary fire.

9Are you willing to study just as hard as before you began playing tennis?
Tennis was never meant to take the place of school work. The athletic tail must never wag the academic dog. Success in this area involves realigning your time schedule. If tennis will consume two, three or even four hours of your day, then you must not draw time from your scholastic pursuits. If you must eliminate something from your schedule, it cannot be study time. First things come first, and your academic growth is of paramount importance.

10 Do you believe in your coaches, trainers, parents and other support staff?
Your game is as good as you make it. You employ your coaches and trainers and give them the responsibility of coaching, not their tennis games, but your game. Are you willing to work toward that spirit of oneness so that everyone possesses the feeling of belonging through their contributions? Will you keep uppermost in mind that when a coach blisters you with criticism, his/her remarks are never meant to be personal affronts? The only intent is to pressure you to want to rectify your weaknesses so that success results. Despite his/her scathing censure, your coach loves you all as if you were of the same blood.

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