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Murray's look for Roland Garros? 22 May 2015 | 1:01 am

Came across this on a tweet from Sports Illustrated's Tim...


Longines unveils new 1/100th Roland Garros themed timepiece. 21 May 2015 | 2:59 pm

Longines, the Official Partner and Timekeeper of the French Open...


Venus Williams to wear Fleur du Monde at RG15 21 May 2015 | 2:23 pm

Venus William's latest EleVen collection is called "Fleur Du Monde"...


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Release, Replan, Refocus

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Release, Replan, Refocus

Have you ever seen a professional play with their strings between points? Next time you are watching a professional tennis match, in between points, watch how they face away from their opponents and "adjust" the strings of their racquet. Maria Sharapova does this after almost every point. In the later matches of a tournament, Nadal will "go to the towel" after EVERY point. Watch it. He does. It's amazing how he doesn't vary from his routine.

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HIGH-TECH TENNIS is a small business run by  Danny and Julie Thiets in which they  provide a great service to young players by traveling to tennis tournaments to videotape tennis matches. Danny and Julie currently live in Decatur, Georgia, but since their business is mobile, they are everywhere! Before they created HIGH-TECH TENNIS, Julie worked as a consultant in the IT field for 15 years and Danny was a teaching pro.  Eventually Danny got out of teaching tennis, but soon he was trying to figure out how to get back into it. He thought back to the year he videotaped an entire season of high school basketball and remembered how beneficial it was to the team. This memory inspired Danny and Julie to create HIGH-TECH TENNIS as a tool for teaching professionals.

hightechEach year Danny and Julie travel to approximately 30 tournaments in the Southern Section.  This includes Southern Designated, and National Tournaments played in the southern portion of the country. They try to pick the tournaments at which they will tape the most matches while keeping the expenses low.“One father wrote to us recently to say ‘Thanks a million for your services!!!" They have recently added 2 cameras to the 6 they have been using to tape tennis matches. “We use digital camcorders with mini DV tapes because that was the technology four years ago when we started, “ says Danny.  “Digital quality DVDs seem to work just fine (to keep the costs as low as possible for our customers) and we continue to look at upgrades and will make the switch when it makes sense to do so.  I always tell people that we are not producing wedding videos or Hollywood movies but working to help players improve their tennis game by giving them an opportunity to watch their ‘game film.’  Period.”

Danny and Julie’s tennis videos can improve a player’s game dramatically. For example, Danny says, “One father wrote to us recently to say ‘Thanks a million for your services!!!'" We’d recorded several matches for his son at a National tournament and those videos prompted his son to make the necessary correction(s) in his game and he went on to win a Southern Sectional tournament two weeks later.” Other components of the game that can be caught on tape are: point setup, body language, footwork, and  attitude…the list goes on. Julie and Danny both love what they do. They get to work together and travel and they have a sense of pride in building their business from scratch. HIGH-TECH TENNIS clearly provides a valuable service for developing players from two dedicated and knowledgeable professionals at a reasonable cost.

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