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Murray's look for Roland Garros? 22 May 2015 | 1:01 am

Came across this on a tweet from Sports Illustrated's Tim...


Longines unveils new 1/100th Roland Garros themed timepiece. 21 May 2015 | 2:59 pm

Longines, the Official Partner and Timekeeper of the French Open...


Venus Williams to wear Fleur du Monde at RG15 21 May 2015 | 2:23 pm

Venus William's latest EleVen collection is called "Fleur Du Monde"...


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Release, Replan, Refocus

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Release, Replan, Refocus

Have you ever seen a professional play with their strings between points? Next time you are watching a professional tennis match, in between points, watch how they face away from their opponents and "adjust" the strings of their racquet. Maria Sharapova does this after almost every point. In the later matches of a tournament, Nadal will "go to the towel" after EVERY point. Watch it. He does. It's amazing how he doesn't vary from his routine.

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My Favorite Match Experience Contest Winners PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Congratulations to Elizabeth Matulis, our First Place winner. Elizabeth will receive a Wilson K Factor tennis racquet. We really enjoyed her story about the importance of sportsmanship during a tennis match.  Read the stories!

First Place Winner -Sportsmanship

by: Elizabeth Matulis

Elizabeth MatulisI came into that tournament with a 0-12 record overall. I had just I didn't give up though, and in this tournament it finally paid off. started playing tournaments that summer, and I hadn't had much luck. There had been some good matches but I had not yet pulled through. I didn't give up though, and in this tournament it finally paid off.

My first match in the tournament was against a new tournament player who was pretty good and it was close, but again I lost. My next match I played a young girl who didn't yet have much tournament experience as well. I played well, and won my first tournament match ever :). I was very excited and celebrated my win. We went home and got ready for the match the following day.

The girl I was going to play next was seeded two. She had lost her first match like me; therefore she really wanted to win. She was a very good player, but had all the pressure to win. We warmed up, and soon after the match started. It was a good first set, but she played better and won the set 6-2. A nice loser is better then a sore winner.Determined to win I fought hard in the second set and after some good serves and good shots we traded sets and I won it 6-2. We took the set break and got ready to play the ten point tiebreaker. I played hard and so did she. After a hard fought battle by both of us I won 10-8 and advanced to the consolation finals. I am proud of that win in particular for many reasons. She was a very good player, and became in the top 50 after I beat her. I didn't give up in that match, and I was a good sport through it all. I'm not always the best sport, but you have to just have a nice, good attitude and try and be a good sport, even if your opponent isn't.

I lost my next match against another good player. I didn't get the consolation winner's trophy because she played better, but I did get a very important trophy, the Outstanding Sportsmanship Award. That's something we should all be proud of; because a nice loser is better then a sore winner:). Even if we don't win we should always try to just have fun, play our best and never give up, because we might just win :)

Second Place Winner - A Tennis Lesson

by: Daniel Lee, Age 10

As the scorching heat seared across my arms, I wondered if I would get first place at my first tournament today.

“Dad, do you think that I will get first place today at my first tournament?”

“I’m pretty sure you might if you focus well and play well today!!!” answered my dad. I was at Hornets Nest Park in Charlotte, playing in my first tennis finals. My opponent was the top U10 seeded player, Dillon, a kid who had been playing tennis for 5 years!

“Daniel, all you need to do is run well, play hard, and focus,” advised my dad.

“Thanks for the advice, dad! See you later!” I replied as I went inside the gate to the tennis courts, all pumped up and ready physically. I placed my bag and my cooler at the net and warmed up by running around the tennis court. After glancing at other kids win points, I felt sweat running down the palms of my hands. ‘You can win today’, I thought to myself.

“Sir, can you come to the net for the coin toss?” asked the official.

“Sure!” I replied. I felt my stomach tie itself into knots as I walked up to the net.

“Heads or tails?” the official asked.

“Tails,”I answered.

“Cling Cling Cling!” The coin twirled a little and made a few graceful leaps before landing on heads.

“Dillon, would you like to serve or receive?” The official asked.

“I would like to serve first.” He replied.

“Good luck to both of y’all, and report your scores to the front desk once you finish.” Said the tournament official.

“Ok!” We both responded. We proceeded to our sides of the tennis court. Dillon served his first ball, which had a lot of spin.

“OUT!” I cried. Dillon served his ball lightly down the middle of the serving box. I hit the serve with an inside- out forehand and sent him running after the ball. He gave me a short backhand ball and I forcefully hit it down the line.

“OUT!” he cried.

“Come on Daniel! You can do better. Stop making mistakes,” I said to myself.

Later on in middle of the match, I began losing point after point. Soon, all I heard after each point was either “out” or “double bounce.”

“Daniel, come on,” I said to myself. “Focus and try your best,”

After I lost the match 6-0, 6-0, I think I needed to realize that it was not important to win, but to have fun and try my best. Luckily for me, I became a finalist and got a trophy and a medal.

Honorable Mention

by: Nick Stachowiak

My favorite match experience was when I lost the first set 6-0, won the second set 6-4 and won the third set 6-0.When I lost the first set I knew it would take a lot of energy to win but I was match tough and pulled it out.I new the pressure was on him so I came out in the second set and gave it my all and broke his serve at 5-4 me to win the second set.After the ten minute break I went on the court saying to myself "this is my match",and played as hard as I could and won.

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