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What's New in The Midwest in 2012
USTA College Information Session at the ACC Tournament
Changes in the Tar Heel Qualifier
What's New in The Midwest in 2012   2012 has brought many new changes for junior competitive tournament players. National USTA has made significant changes to the tournament schedule which have reduced opportunities for many. Meanwhile, the Midwest USTA has responded to the requests of players and parents with several notablechanges: • Midwest now "owns" the elevated tournaments (Levels 1-5); this should ensure more consistent standards for tournaments, including:
o No matches starting before 8am
o 12 hours guaranteed between matches from one day to the next
o For 14s, 12s, and10-and-Unders, no matches start/resume after 9pm
o For 16s and 18s, no matches start/resume after 10pm
• Efforts made to better distribute elevated tournaments (Levels 1-5) geographically (53% in Michigan and Ohio, down from 71%)
• All events begin on Saturday
• There are elevated tournaments during all holidays, so less school is missed
• New 2-day 32-draw tournaments added
• Many more doubles added, most with a one-match consolation
• All are Feed-In Consolation
• Boys and Girls 10s compass draws added
• Concurrent events of different levels held on same weekend, allowing players to sign up for both Let us know your thoughts on these changes....join our Facebook community!  
USTA College Information Session at the ACC Tournament High school players, parents, and coaches are invited to attend a College Information Session hosted by the USTA on Saturday April 23rd at the ACC Championships, held at the Cary Tennis Park in Cary NC.
Changes in the Tar Heel Qualifier Changes in the Tar Heel Qualifier We have found information about the 2011 Tar Heel Qualifier changes posted at on since the first of the year but know that some folks are still just finding out. We encourage you to make a regular stop at from time to time as that as forum is used to distribute the most information. But, in case you have not visited the site or have and have questions, please read the following.
USTA National Championships PDF  | Print |  E-mail



he USTA National Championships are National Level 1 tournaments and are the most premier tournaments in the country. The best players in the country will be competing in their age group for a gold ball for 1st place, a silver ball for 2nd place, and a bronze ball for 3rd place.

When and where are the National Championships held?

The National Championships are held in the middle of August at different areas for each age division. The 2009 locations break down as follows:

Age Location Age Location
Boy’s 18’s & 16’s Kalamazoo, MI Girl’s 18’s Berkeley, CA
Boy’s 14’s San Antonio, TX Girl’s 16’s San Diego, CA
Boy’s 12’s Little Rock, AR Girl’s 14’s Peachtree City, GA
Girl’s 12’s Alpharetta, GA

How will the selections be done?

Players who meet the U.S. or residency requirements, the USTA age eligibility requirements, and membership requirements (current USTA membership) may enter. Players must be endorsed by their Section to be selected for the tournament as a competitor or alternate unless a wildcard is given or they qualify from the preceding national open. There are 4 ways to become a competitor for the event:

  • Be in the player quota out of your section (see table below)
  • Finish top 3 in singles in the preceding national open or top 2 in doubles
  • National standing list
  • Wild card by tournament committee (players must apply)

Boys’ and Girls’ 18 divisions: For a draw of 192, players on the national list in positions 1 through 40 shall be accepted; and for a draw of 128, players on the national list in positions 1 through 32 shall be accepted.

Boys’ and Girls’ 16, 14 and 12 divisions: For a draw of 192, players on the national list in positions 1 through 24 shall be accepted; and for a draw of 128, players on the national list in positions 1 through 16 shall be accepted.

How will I know if I made it as a competitor?

The players and their acceptance status will be published on the Tournament Home Page shortly after the entries close. members can locate the tournament by going to the Tournament Search Page and searching on National Level 1 tournaments.  They can then add the tournament to their personal calendar for entry deadline reminders, sortable applicant/competior listings as well as tournament page update notifications. Wild card recipients will be notified by the USTA Junior Competition Department. Alternates selected to fill openings in the draw will be contacted by the Tournament Committee. also provides an applicants utility for members to view and sort all applicants by their state, sectional or national ranking.  This utility can help you determine the probability that your child will make the selection list. Singles draws will be posted by August 6th.

What requirements are there to apply for the National Championships closed?

Players not previously selected who are among the top three singles finishers in each of the four immediately preceding USTA National Opens shall be accepted, if otherwise eligible. The July National Opens qualifies for the National Championships. The Tournament Committee shall fill remaining spots in the draw, except those spots reserved for Wild Card recipients, with endorsed players who have submitted timely entries who remain on the most recently published singles National Standings List. All players must also enter the Southern Closed in their age division prior to the deadline.  Waivers are granted only for special circumstances.

How many players will my section endorse?

Section Boy’s & Girl’s 18’s, 16’s, & 14’s Boy’s & Girl’s 12’s
Caribbean 2 2
Eastern 6 4
Florida 7 4
Hawaii Pacific 2 2
Intermountain 4 2
Mid-Atlantic 4 2
Middle 4 2
Midwest 15 8
Missouri 3 2
New England 3 2
Northern 2 2
Northern California 5 2
Pacific Northwest 2 2
Southern 23 13
Southern California 7 4
Southwest 2 2
Texas 9 5

If I am not selected by my state, can I still be selected as a competitor?

Yes, you can be selected as a wild card. The Tournament Committee shall accept those junior players granted wild cards by the USTA Wild Card Committee. Wild card recipients do not need Sectional endorsement, however the Sectional office must complete a portion of a player’s wild card application. Overall wild card limits are eight (8) for the 14s, 16s and 18s in The USTA National Championships. Also, the Tournament Committee shall prepare an alternate list of those players with timely entries not accepted into the draw who appear on the Sectional Endorsement Lists and who are doubles finalists from the four preceding USTA National Opens.

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