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Written by Kaitlyn McCarthy   

Kaitlyn McCarthyM y name is Kaitlyn McCarthy and I am eleven years old and am in fifth grade at an Elementary school in Cary, NC.

The first time I picked up a tennis racquet to hit a tennis ball I said “What do you do with this?”

The first time I picked up a tennis racquet to hit a tennis ball I said “What do you do with this?” My dad showed me how to hold the racquet and it was almost as tall as I was! Soon, I was begging him to pitch me a tennis ball so I could attempt to hit it like a baseball.

After a little practice, I started to make contact with the ball and every time I hit it I felt like I had accomplished something. Months went by and I started to hit it over the fence and soon my dad got tired of fetching the ball so I started to rally with him under the streetlight next to our house in New Orleans, LA.

When I was six and a half we moved to Cary, which had some tennis courts near by. One day my mom and dad wanted to surprise me by putting me in Tots at the Cary Tennis Park. After about three months of Tots the coach told us that I needed to move into a more advanced clinic.

Not long after I turned eight, I played my first tournament and won two games off of the number two seed. I couldn’t contain my excitement because I won two whole games! Since then I have worked hard and trained hard at the Cary Tennis Academy. I feel lucky that at the Cary Tennis Park, thirty or forty kids are there at Academy Select. I learned to play with four other girls around my age and we have all gotten much better. I feel very fortunate to have so many nice kids to hit with at the Cary Tennis Park and I feel this has helped.

I do additional running normally two hard days of running a week and I jump rope once a week. At clinic, I focus on technique and in tournaments I focus on mental toughness and I always try to push back if I am down in a match.

Thanks to my wonderful coaches for helping come as far as I have, some of my coaches are Jacob Lester at the Cary Tennis Park and the other coaches that have helped me at the Cary Tennis Park, David Marquina at the Raleigh Racquet Club, and Kelly Parker at Duke University. These last few months I have played a bunch of tournaments and I have felt some pressure, but good pressure, not the bad kind. I have felt nervous playing at Bullfrogs and other top tournaments. I feel proud of my upsets over top players, and I hope this is just the beginning for exciting wins.

I love to travel with my gigantic dog, Tulli and he likes tennis too because he likes to chases the tennis ball around the court. I love to read long fiction books and I like Moose Tracks Ice-Cream. I have two sisters, Rebecca and Erika. They are loving and they care for me very much. They hope I make it to the courts where Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick have. My favorite pre-game meal is spaghetti and meat sauce and my favorite post-match treat is Dairy Queen’s Fudge Brownie Delight.


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