Newsletter September 2009 Volume #3
Subject: Newsletter September 2009 Volume #3
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Issue #: 3

New Features!

We have been busy!...check out all the new features we have to offer our members! star_title Not a member? Click Here to Join.

New Tournament Page

Our new tournament home page puts everything at your finger tips.

  • Map the tournament location
  • View & Sort Applicants by any ranking
  • View Tournament Points
  • Print an auto-filled Medical Release Form
  • Email the tournament information
  • View tournament location Weather
  • View Hotel & Restaurant Deals
  • Get directly to any Photos & Videos
  • Read Articles & Blog entries relating to a tournament.

Medical Release Forms
Medical Release

It's easy...

  • Select a tournament
  • Click on the Medical Release Form icon
  • Print your auto-filled Medical Release Form

All you have to do is sign!

Personal Photos and Videos

Were you photographed?

Was your match video taped?

Our members can get directly to their Photos & Videos from their personal home page!

Personal Home Page

With your Personal Home Page view everything at a glance:

  • See your rankings at a glance
  • Track other players rankings using our player watch lists
  • View tournaments in your personal calendar in a line listing format to easily keep track of sign-up closing dates, draws and more..

Most Improved & Aged Out Listings

View who has accumulated the most points in the last 3 months.

Sort the list by Last Name and see where you fit in!

Our Aged out report lets view the players in your age group who have recently moved up.

Graph Ranking Progress

Graph your ranking progress in all age categories. See where you've been and project where your going!

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